Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shitty Movie, Great Credits

With some notable exceptions, any movie with an animated opening credits sequence should be avoided at all costs. An animated credits sequence only serves to make a promise that the filmmakers can’t help but betray. If any of the films below were even half as entertaining as their credits sequences they would be downright classics.

Here's a fun fact about Brain Donors: The film was originally entitled Lame Ducks. This is why there is such a strong duck motif during the opening credits.


  1. There's also 'Ruthless People'. The Pink Panther movies sort of count because they're kind of funny but the titles lead one to believe the cartoons are any good. 'Brain Donors' was also called 'Birds of a Feather'. I saw it in theatres because that was before I realized ZAZ would never be able to top themselves.

  2. I almost put Ruthless People on this list but then I realized it was actually a pretty good movie.