Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Dong

There are far too many short films on Youtube that feature people in unconvincing wigs violently hitting each other as bad cartoon sound effects blare loudly in the background. Big Dong is yet another one of those kinds of short films but with one big difference: it’s actually funny. It’s like Benny Hill and Laugh-In but retarded up about 80%. The most notable thing about Big Dong is that it marks the only time I’ve ever laughed at someone getting a pie in the face.


  1. The guy who looks like me and has the same name told me much of it is improv and it all came from discussions Tim Maloney had with friends about what is supposed to be funny. What also makes it different from most YouTube slapstick videos is it doesn't parody anything in particular or wink at the audience.

  2. What I liked most about the video is that it takes this crazed, frenzied approach to stale, creaky material and it simply doesn't let up. I also liked the weird asides like the inexplicable close-up of the duck.

    Sam, I noticed you in the beginning with the blonde afro wig but is that also you in the tuxedo and pith helmet.