Friday, August 7, 2009

Random Excerpts from Miley Cyrus' Autobiography "Miles to Go"

Some people treat me differently but I just want to be treated like anyone else. Everybody is born in different ways. I just happened to be born with an extra chromosome, but it doesn’t make me feel any different. I think it’s great to have an extra chromosome and I like talking about it. It doesn’t make me feel “Down”. Actually, I call it “Up Syndrome” because I am happy and excited about my life.


The Hannah Montana Movie for Disney Studios: I must go on location to Holland and Czechoslovakia, all the way into the Tatra Mountains on the Russo-Polish border. I wear my wig for the first time in a long time. I feel exposed, deserted, defenseless, not only physically – my head is as sensitive as an open wound – but especially spiritually. It’s as if my soul had been exposed to the sun’s piercing light. The metamorphosis has begun: I am becoming Hannah, neither girl nor animal, neither dead nor alive, an indescribable creature suffering its existence in full consciousness.


During the filming of The Hannah Montana Movie I bought Nick [Jonas] a pair of white pants from Saint Laurent because I couldn’t bear to see him in the same fart-infested, unwashed, shit-colored rags any longer – rags that that reminded me of a penitentiary or mental institution clothing. Who knows what he did with the pants from St. Laurent; he’s dressed in his vile clothes again.

Miley's fond memories are property of Miley Cyrus and her ghost writers Chris Burke and Klaus Kinski.

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