Thursday, August 13, 2009

End of Part One

Much like the brilliant Chris Morris, Andrew Marshall and David Renwick are two great British comedians who have sadly gone unrecognized in North America. Somewhat better known for writing both versions of Whoops Apocalypse (the television series and the movie which had a somewhat prophetic scene in which Michael Richards walked around in black-face) they're greatest achievement remains End of Part One a long forgotten sketch comedy series that was based on their popular radio program The Burkiss Way.

Imagine if SCTV was heavily influenced by Monty Python's Flying Circus (and I mean heavily influenced) and you'll understand just how weird End of Part One could be. Sure the references are bit oblique but the writing is strong and kind of nasty. It's a great show that doesn't deserve its current obscurity.

Like what you've seen? Here's more:
My current favorites are The Gag Trade, Stiff Actors Five-O, Quiz of the Week, Mike Der-Da-Da and Return of The Doughnut which seems to owe a heavy debt to Monty Python's The Pantomime Horse is a Spy Movie.

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