Monday, August 17, 2009

More Excerpts From Miley Cyrus' Auto-Bio Miles to Go

On screen we were the best of friends but in real life Emily [Osment] was difficult to work with. Often on the set of Hanna Montana, Emily would stick a pair of scissors in the back of an extra, twist it and pull it out, then dare them to go to the studio clinic to have it treated.
There were always deaths from blood poisoning or loss of blood because the kids who got stabbed with scissors or knives were afraid to tell the director or go to the clinic. They knew they'd be killed when they got back.


In the hallway of the house where I lived with my father (Billy Ray Cyrus), Demi Lovato had made me stand at attention and salute her in a military fashion and proclaim her as the one and only God and to vow to follow her blindly a few days after she had made her appearance. Demi had used her powers to create the barbeque in our back yard as a power source which is why I called her a bitch at the Teen Choice awards in 2007.

Miley's remembrances of things past are property of Miley Cyrus and her ghost writers Florrie Fisher and Dan Scott Ashwander.

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