Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chicken Park

I’m fascinated by terrible comedy. And when I say terrible comedy, I’m not referring to the likes of Jamie Kennedy, Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia because those are merely just middle-the-road hacks and as much as I dislike what they do there is still people out there that find them hilarious. With terrible comedy there is no subjectivity because everybody finds it unfunny. Case in point: Jerry Cala’s Chicken Park is a comedy so excruciatingly terrible that it only furthers my theory that Italian film executives are required by law to greenlight any and every pitch they hear. It’s not that the jokes in Chicken Park are bad it’s just that they’re bad, nonsensical and completely ill-advised (and that includes the jokes they stole from other movies).

For further proof please watch the clip below and keep in mind this was supposed to make people laugh even though it closely resembles a deleted scene from one of those goddamned Saw movies.

And for all of you Pedro Almodovar fans out there: yes, that is Rossy DePalma being fingerbanged by Thing from The Addams Family.

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